We empower surgeons to perform safer laparoscopies.

Introducing the first AI-fueled software-only hyperspectral imaging for critical structure visualisation.

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>855 M

patients have received diagnoses of gallstone disease at present, worldwide (1).

Most of them will be treated with gallblader removal which is perfomed laparoscopically (2).

2% & 37% 

of these operations result in vessel (3) and gallblader (4) injury, respectively.

 Laparoscopic videos cannot highlight where these critical structures are to prevent their injury (5).

$500 M 

annual healthcare costs to the US only due to the re-admissions (6).

Critical structure injuries result in the costly: conversion to open surgery, re-admissions, re-operations.

Our Purpose

At EnAcuity, we are building the first hardware-free hyperspectral imaging solution for real-time surgical image enhancement. A sustainable solution, improving the capabilities of the existing in the OR equipment.

Key features:

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